Church steps

Cleaned some church steps and entrance ways today. Also hit the caps on the brick walls. They turned out pretty good. Next I have to paint the handrails.

What did you use on the concrete? What was the trouble with the areas where the tread meets the risers?
There is rust on the handrails, what is your plan of attack there? You just going to paint over it?

Looks good, Jeff!
Are you going to make it to the Huntsville Workshop?

Tim, there was no trouble with that area. It was just the paint was worn off in those areas. I used 12.5% to clean them. And no I’m not going to paint over the rust. Not sure why you would think that.
Thanks Thad. I am working on coming, I really hope to. I am about 95% sure I will.

I didn’t think that… I’m asking purely out of my own ignorance. I don’t know how I would go about it myself that’s why I asked

I would first sand over the effected areas with the foam sanding blocks because they will fit the countour of the rail. Then I would apply a coat of Ospho to the areas to kill any remaining rust and for it to act as a primer for the new paint you are going to put on.

Ospho is maricle stuff when it comes to neautralizing rust and easy to find at most hardware and paint stores. I think I have even seen it in Lowes.

Here is a link to it so you can see how it works.

My bad Tim, I took your post the wrong way. Yea we will the sand the rust off or hit it with a wire brush, there isn’t alot of it, and then paint.
Thanks for the info Len.

No problem. I can see how you could take it as me being a wise ■■■. I haven’t done much flatwork yet and was just interested in how you would handle the rail in case I ever have to.

Thanks for the info!

Looks good

Thanks Clark. I drove by there a day later and they really brightened up after they dried.

Looks great nice work!

Did you use hot or cold ? It looks good by the way.

Josh, thanks. Just cold water and good old 12.5%.

Nice, Yep i use cold water also. I’m looking into getting hot water. For more commercial work.

Looks great, I have some of this work coming up. ya did a great job