Chemical question

I will be cleaning a large commercial building with Stucco and Dryvit painted finish. General dirt and mold and some rust. Will use SH and soap. Rust is not from sprinklers over-spray

For the rust any suggestions other than OX?

After the building is cleaned is there any type of wet and forget type product that can be applied yearly to allow a residual fungicide effect? If so what has your experiences been using them? Or just a weak SH solution?

Any other suggestions? All welcomed.

Thanks for the help, EDK

Hey Ed,

Ox should take care of that rust. If it doesn’t, there’s a few other chemicals to try, but 9 times out of 10 oxalic will take care of it.

As far as a yearly product, the best thing to do use would be a house wash mix and rinse well.

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