Chemical pickup tube

What are you guys using to pull chemical
I have a plastic tube with filter on the end but it always curls up on me
Thought about using something small and hard to pull chemical though that will not curl

What do you use. Thanks

Put a piece of PVC pipe over the tubing.

Wow. You know I think that I was way over thinking this whole tube idea. I guess simplicity goes along way. Boy do I feel dumb. Haha

Haha, don’t sweat it.
We all miss the obvious sometimes.

Weighted filter.

PVC pipe. I also have on my roof pump chem line.

I use polybraid for my injector hose.
It doesn’t curl up.

I have polybraid with a piece of Pex tubing then filter

1/2 inch PVC ball valve on end slightly pinched at the filter. I saw Micah I think post hat once and we have done it ever since. The sh will not eat it and it weights it down perfect.

this is what I use, just like a x jet with a smaller barb