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Hello to every one. Antonio from sparkle Pressure washing in atlanta ga. Currently using bleach and dawn soap on exterior of homes. I have tried bc2… and loved the results as well. What chemical combo for house cleaning is preferred among most contractors?

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Although you may be getting good results from you bleach/dawn combo, keep in mind that when mixed together it causes a chemical reaction and releases toxic vapors. The toxic vapors create more or less a nerve gas which can KILL you! This is why it says not to mix the two on the dawn bottle. WASH SAFELY MY FRIENDS!

Charlie w/ Nozzlemen’s Pressure Washing

I fell in love with Bob’s Elemonator this year

We also use bobs elemonator, my guys love the way it sheets the siding, smells good to.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

I’m trying out some simple cherry tomorrow in my mix. Lemons or cherries guys? Granular or liquid haha? I haven’t tried fresh wash, will be buying some once my bag of cherry is all gone.

“Pressure cleans, water helps”.

Liquid is definitely the way to go now that elemonator is here. It’s nearly idiot proof.

I use fresh wash lemon I’ve tried anywhere from 4-8 oz per 5 Gal 50/50 mix and I still have people smelling the SH. I’m going to try Elemonator next.

Britton Emerson
Victoria BC Canada

I keep both elemonator and simple cherry in the fold. Both have their merits. I mix the elemonator before leaving and carry pre-measured amounts of simple cherry in case I run out. I tried carrying a small amount of elemonator but when it spills… Powder is just an easier clean up.

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I use Simple Cherry on decks and Elemonator on houses. Bob’s got me covered.

Maybe 50/50 mix is too strong and that’s why you can smell the SH? I’m sure it works wonders though

“Pressure cleans, water helps”.

Had no idea about the toxic vapors! Thanks for the info Charlie…

Oops. That’s the hottest I’ve run. Typically it’s less and still can smell

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

I hear that!

“Pressure cleans, water helps”.

How did the simple cherry work? I’m having real issues with my Fresh wash not covering well enough. Cherry bomb or Elemonator anyone?

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

Elemonator for me!

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We’ve tried most all of them. Customers will almost always smell the bleach in the mix. Elemonator is our fav.

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The simple cherry works and smells great. I would say it’s not 100% soluble, I always have some granular left over at the bottom of my mix. I have yet to use sample of fresh wash I received at the convention.

“Pressure cleans, water helps”.

I’ve tried a few and Elemonator is my #1


Where is best place to get the Eliminator Matt?

What mix do you use for each 5 Gals?
SH = ? @ what % 6 or 12.5%
Eliminator = ?
Others = ?

Do you use down streaming or the x-jet , or some other application?

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PressureTek is the eLemonator originator.

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