Chemical Injector Size?

What size chemical injector to use for a 4.5gpm machine with 150-200ft of hose?

I ordered one for the 3-5gpm but I’m reading that maybe I should go with the smaller injector due to length of hose?

Is this true?

Also would the mix still be 2 gallon Sh & 3 gallon h20?

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I am new but generally you want to go down one size to increase the amount of sh you are pulling. Really it’s whatever works best for you.

I have a 1.8 and a 2.1 injector for my 4k/4gpm machine. I run 200ft of hose 90% of the time. They both will drain a 5 gallon bucket quick lol. Not really a noticeable difference for me. The 1.8 will restrict the flow alittle.

No. Your question had been asked and answered dozens of times in the last year alone. Just gets old repeating the same info over and over



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