Chemical burns

Found this little gem today in my muck boot. Ask me how.

I thought you’d never ask. I was x-jetting 50/50 SH on my friend’s garage floor because she had puppies in there and a cat that made it smell like port-a-potty in the center of a petting zoo.

Now my foot itches like crazy… it burns a little, but doesn’t feel like a bad chem burn. Who knows how to kill this itch?!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

@squidskc what have u tired so far?

A shower. That’s it.

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Not really anything to really put on a chemical burn. U can try a ice pack to help and take aspirin small chemical burn will mostly heal in a few days.

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I may cut off my foot before then. Lol

:joy:… Depending on how long ur foot was in the chemical and what it looks like… if the ice pack and aspirin doesn’t work u may need something a Lil stronger…

this guy couldn’t handle the pain either


I’ve had a couple of bad ones. Rinse it off with water as soon as you can and you’ll usually be fine. I think it all depends were you get it. I get covered in sh on my hands and arms with no problem but I had it running down my thigh 50/50 mix from leaking pump sprayer and it was the worst. Good thing SH can’t be absorbed through the skin or I’d be glowing. For pain I find that IPAs work faster than Pilsners.

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50/50 thru a xjet, that’s nothing. You just need to toughen up your feet. Just wash bare footed a few days, jog daily on asphalt daily for 2 weeks and you’ll be fine. Just make sure you’re using low pressure nozzle on PW though. Don’t want to cut off your toes. I predict you’ll live for at least another week.


Get yourself some Ecco goretex boots. Best $250 you’ll spend. I have the shoes and boots and they have stayed watertight through hell and back.

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