Chem Tank Plumbing Question

Hey all, I recently started getting some bigger jobs and was running out of mix way too quickly with my 5 gal bucket so I upgraded to a 35 gal chem tank. Do y’all plumb these so that there’s always a chem pickup sitting in it or you just drop it in the opening like you do on a bucket? I was trying to figure out a system but I couldn’t figure out 1) if it would be a good idea to let the pickup sit in there all the time and 2) how you would “pull” the pickup when rinsing. Put a ball valve in the line? That doesn’t seem right but Idk.

On a side note, my 5.5@2500 machine with 20% injector is pulling 5gals of soap every 7 minutes on a 200’ hose. Is that a little quick? I guess the math works out but that just seems so fast!


Have you tried @FrankPeters pro-mix v2?

Put a piece of pvc thru the tank with a hose barb on top. 3 way ball valve to switch from soap to rinse water


I assume you are talking about a downstream tank

@Ikii I’ve seen it but too complicated for what I’m doing right now. Just downstreaming SH + Elemonator.

@Innocentbystander Yes I’m talking about a downstream tank. Thanks for the info. Rinse water coming to the ball valve from the buffer tank, yes?

My 35 gallon chem tank is set up exactly like @Innocentbystander is talking about except I use 2 - two way valves. Shut off chems. Turn on water from the buffer tank.

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Yes …

You want me to send you a 3 way

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No thanks. I set it up with the stainless steel ones and probably more work to change it all out at this point. lol

Been considering going to the remote ball valves you talked about in the ptstate forum when I was 4 or 5 years old anyway. :wink:

I got fancy with zip ties and hose clamps and cut everything to length without much room for adjustment unfortunately.

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Gotcha. I don’t use hose clamps. Takes to long to switch them out when you need to lol

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You could probably replace that tee with the three way ball valve in a jiffy.

Yeah I know… unfortunately.

@mark44 The rest of the hose is cut to length without much room to spare. I’d have to use two barbs and two short runs of hose to even connect it to the ball valve. I don’t mind the extra .004 seconds especially since I get stainless steel out of the deal. Lol

Stop using high draw chemical injector. I had the same problem. I was using almost double the amount of SH. I went back to what to regular injector because of it. I believe the high draw is more beneficial to guys with 8 gpm machines. I don’t know for sure because I don’t have an 8.

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Could you post a picture of your chem tank setup? I’m thinking about adding one

Basically just this stuck thru the top of a 65 gallon tank with some marine caulk around the pvc pipe and the drilled opening. Drill the hole smaller than the pipe, heat it with a torch for a second and push pipe thru. Seals it pretty good.


I’ll do that. Thanks for the video and reply.

@squidskc liked ur set up there, I’m working on trying to get my trailer set up a Lil better then it was… so I went to Home Depot today I’m gonna run Pvc ball valves try to get it all set up before I get to busy.