Cheapest Sodium Hypochlorite

What supplier do people use to get Sodium Hypochlorite cheaply in bulk?

I’m in Virginia, using Univar

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Local chemical distributor that sells to water treatment plants, other pressure washers/roof washers, and other industrial plants.

Local pressure washer supply, thankfully they deliver.

Local janitorial supply house that sells bulk SH as well

it’s $7 gal for just 10%. i think even household weak version is the same or more.

@Redjess was that directed at me?

not really, just saying how expensive it’s gotten.

@Redjess gotcha, the notification marker came up as if you had replied directly to me so I wasn’t sure. I know here, in the middle of South Carolina, I’m paying about $3.25-ish per a gallon for 12.5% bulk, non-delivered.

$4/gal 12% delivered here.

4.38 gallon, not delivered.

We use univar as well here in Michigan. We’re going with the mini bulk this year and their installing a 630 gallon tank for us in the next couple weeks. Price is $4.33/gallon. Menards sells the gal jugs for about $4.50. Not sure how they make a profit or how they can get it cheaper than we do. Some of the local pool stores are up to $5.50-$6.50/gal now

Menards was $3.99 for the past 5 years. This year its up to $4.99. They do offer 11% off almost all summer long, so that puts it at $4.44. The one by my house keeps about 50-60 cases right up by the register, so it’s pretty easy to grab a flatbed cart and load up

Farm suppliers sell it in bulk near me, dairy farms use it.

Same here, lots of dairy farms use it to sanitize, our county slogan is “The land of cheese, trees and ocean breeze” Cows outnumber people and $4 a gallon for SH.

The defect with this one is bleach.


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