Charging batteries

I am using CTEK chargers and charge daily because of volume of work scheduled.

What does everyone else use?

Every car has a power alternator sitting right there, dissipating that beautiful unused energy. We jerry rig two batteries together, gives us 12v and 1100 amp and then we allow the alternator to keep them charged. Easy.

We have been washing apartment buildings and are working from 7am thru 6pm ish with move time between buildings. It takes us about 2.5 hrs to do a 150X100 building with 8 balconies and 2 stairways with landings.

There is maybe 10 min vehicle run time between buildings and we are averaging 3 buildings per day. I will have to see if I can RV style tap into the 7 way to utilize that power.

Why are you soft washing (in the literal sense of the word)?

Question from Power King: Why are we softwashing in the literal sense?

Answer: Per customer request.

They love the results.

I can get the same results on vinyl by DSING.

That’s great PK. But how does down streaming pertain to charging batteries?

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You don’t have to charge batteries when you’re downstreaming bud.