Changes/Tweaks to EDDM August 2012

According to reliable sources, there have been a couple of recent changes to the EDDM program.

It used to be that you were limited to 5,000 pieces per day per post office. The new limit is 5,000 pieces per day per Zip Code.

The minimum number that you can mail at a time is 200 unless the Zip Code has less than 200 active deliveries, at which point you must deliver to all active addresses.

You must still use the EDDM Retail Indicia, but get this, now you can pay for the postage with; check, credit card, debit card or with a meter strip attached to a PS form 3587. It used to be check or cash only.

They are also developing a procedure that will allow the desk clerk to scan a barcode that you create online and print out. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the confusion on the part of the postal clerk when its time to figure payment amount.

I currently use seven different post offices for EDDM. Five of the post offices staff were easily trained, one has staff that is trying but still has difficulty. The last post office that I go to is clueless and appears to be happy that way. But EDDM is a good program once you get it fiqured out.

That is great info, Tim.
Keep it up and you will be 5.5gpm in no time!

Tim, we will be having an US Post Office EDDM specialist speak at the Huntsville Workshop and her only job with the post office is travel around and help educate about EDDM and help companies set up EDDM. She knows the ins and outs and what we can look for in the future. She is a great lady and is very helpful with any of the EDDM and bulk mailing info. She will also show you the latest on-line features. I look forward to taking her class myself!

yeah its vital info and i really appreciate your work.