Chamber Of Commerce

Thinking about joining my local COC in a city I’m trying to dominate… I think it would be a huge selling point to locals in my area… anyone here part of one?

There’s a yearly fee of $250 and you get rights to using the logo in your website and access to COC meetings and so on…

yay or nay?

Go ahead. Face time with people never hurts. I personally am not a member of mine but it’s an old school way of building business relationships. I don’t know your business model or marketing strategies but I prefer talking to people over getting calls from internet leads. For me it works out better, higher close rates, and higher end properties.

Same, Face to Face seems to work out better for small businesses

I probably will join mine once I slow down. I really don’t have time to do many extra curricular activities.

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Absolute waste of money. I had to threaten my local CoC with legal action to quit robo calling me. They are a bigger scam than the BBb

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Even if I can’t attended to every event, Just by supporting the city and having access to the Logo should be a pay off

There’s almost no way you will lose money by joining. Unless you’re super mean and ugly.

I was afraid to hear that, Reminds me of tangling my self with yelp!

Ill post a pic :laughing:

I believe that depends on the city/town you’re in. You may know, but my small town, Wilson, is ran by a handful of companies/people.