"Ceramic coated metal"


The homeowner really doesn’t care if it’s washed, but she has a very unique home built by GE back in 1950. The whole house is entirely made of metal. Everything. It was some sort of experimental modular house. It is coated with ceramic from what she knows.

Anyway, it is totally covered in moss and algae. Anyone ever tried to clean something like this?


Experimental = not replaceable. Not a chance in hell I would touch that.


Oh I figured, just curious.


Got any pics?? Sounds interesting


I’ll take some when I go back to do her fence. In the meantime here’s a stock photo of the interior.


Thanks Interesting


The roof is just like ceramic tile, but metal.


The whole house is a ground. You only run a hot wire to each outlet.


Hilarious :joy:

But by code, you need a neutral that’s separate from ground. Now I’ve ruined your joke. You’re welcome :wink:


At least you liked it even if you stole my thunder. Electrical humor isnt funny to everyone anyway.


I’d just try pressure washing without chemicals.


Is it worth it to hand wash with a gentler cleanser and a soft brush for a review and the portfolio?