Cedar shake oil

Hi guys
Can get some advise as to a simple way to oil a shake roof after cleaning. And your professional advise as to how long after cleaning to oil the roof.
I’ve herd different ways and also done different procedures myself. So what procedure works best for you?

Thank you

Armstrong Clark offers a product called Shake Shield. Jake-the owner, is super nice and always eager to help answer any questions and offer suggestions. This may be very valuable since he used to operate a wood roof restoration business.
Armclark.com is the website and their number is: tel:800-916-8211
Good luck-

Does anyone know of a way of adding a oil into your cleaning mix or just to water to apply to the roof. If the customer doesn’t want the stain or tint in the roof or I don’t want to paint the whole roof, but I don’t want the roof to dry up without the essential oils. Any help on this subject would be very appreciated.

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