CC on customer's property?

Hey so I’m just curious… does anyone carry while working? If so, what are some wise tips for newbies who CC?

Man if there’s a need to CC at a customer’s house, I’m not accepting that job.


Tips??? Uhhh keep it oiled so you don’t jack the finish lol

I carry a G43X appendix IWB and a LCP Max behind my hip. Best have a tourniquet and some hot sauce to bless the deserving. If all you have is a hammer everything is a nail!


I keep my Austrian friend with me, always.


Do yall disclose that to your customers? Like is it part of your contract or your process of setting expectations? I had thought about putting it in my paperwork as a sort an fyi to the client.

If it’s concealed and legal in your state who cares. Do what you want


“…by the way Miss Francis, I brought along ole Betsy in case a pack of machete wielding bandits happens to attack during the wash… but if there are more than 7 of them, we should both probably run.”


A shot of HW mix to anyone will likely deter them away.

With the price of SH these days, I just pack the red tip.




That’s the exact thought that crossed my mind!

Just follow your laws and keep it covered till needed.

In my state I only have to inform them if I enter their home.

Edit: thinking about slipping it into the contract now :thinking:

I have no idea why a person would ever be inclined to put something like that in a contract. Look, the only person that needs to know you’ve got a Roscoe on you IS YOU. If anyone else knows you’re doing a poor job.


Because if I enter the house of a sissy and find out after they notice a bulge in my shirt that they’re a sissy I’d rather not catch a case.

Just point to the spot that covers in in writing. People don’t read that ■■■■ anyway.

Ive had a few really bad experiemces here in Canada (no conceal carry or allowed to have hand guns). And it never has to do with the clients house… always with the neigbours going off the deep end. I always try amd fix it proffesiomally but i did habe this one biker (hells angels or adjacent or maybe just wanna be) come out and threaten to cut my hoses off and shut off my pressure washer off because we got a bit of water on his house(houses are really close toneach other). It ended when my friend pulled out a baseball bat off his van and we told him he couldnt get back to our property and touch our equipment we were working at. Once he saw we meant business he backed off and started threatening to take us to court. Turned out he renovated his house and ran out money amd was basically threatening to sue me so he could get some money to finish his renovations but had no recourse to ding me. Never finished the job but got paid the full amount as the owner wemt to talk to him and was a complete ■■■■■■■ about it

And they say Canadians all are all nice…
Theres ■■■■■■■■ of all colors and creeds

Also cue the “im unprofesional” “you should have bent over backwards and cleaned the neighbours house for free” “you should payed for the renovations or else youre a bad contarctor” comments

You’re unprofessional. But you can improve if you want to.

Personally i’ve found if you anticipate issues before they arise and are proactive, that helps a lot.