Carolina Networking Day

Who would be interested in an unofficial informal networking day? Maybe some time in March? I know several nice spots we could hangout in Greenville, SC - who’s interested?

I would be very interested.

Sounds great depending on schedule.

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That sounds like a great idea.

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That sounds great

I am in.

you thinking bojangles?

I would be interested

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I’m in!

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I’m down.

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Y’all gonna let anybody from GA in? I might be able to make the drive.

I don’t see why not, there more the merrier.

Hell no. Stay on your side.

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Ya’ll put down March 15th on the calendar for the Networking Day. Details on where we’ll meet at coming soon.

Wish I could be there!

Any word on this networking day?

I’m not far away, I would be into it!

Sorry guys, I have not been able to find a spot to have this at. I emailed a few hotels to see about their meeting rooms but got no response. May have to do it in a few weeks. A few restruants were OK with us doing lunch but seeing how many people wanted to come I think we need to have some place where we can hang out for a little bit longer then lunch.

If the Raleigh area would work, is be happy to have it at our place.

It appear most of the people are closestto the North Carolina / South Carolina Border.