Canopy’s At shopping center

Hey just wondering what you guys do about the bleach and business canopy’s?? Only have done one commercial job… has you c in the picture it has a green top and the owner wants all the stucco clean which means I need to go strong with my mix… any suggestions would be nice

Rinse afterwards. They should be bleach resistance

I’d pre wet them too. I get that if they are sun resistant they should be SH resistant but pre wetting seems like cheap insurance

Since it’s attached to the building is should be part of your bid. Housewash and a rince will clean ones that aren’t to bad . Roof mix and low pressure wash cleans ones that are bad


I can’t belive that the roof mix won’t fade it or discolor it… that’s stuff seems to ruin more clothes that I owne … well if I get the bid I will make sure I keep it wet …

Sunbrella meterial will only fade if it’s weathered or sun damaged. It pretty hardy stuff.


@florida_condo_cleani is 100% correct.

You can spray SH on outdoor canapoies…that’s how most clean them.

Not sure what there isn’t to believe.

They will tear and they are not cheap to repair/replace.

20 years ago I worked with a guy that did a LOT of vinyl and canvas awnings using a waterfed pole and brush. Can’t remember the exact chemical used but pretty sure it smelled of bleach.

I usually test an inconspicuous area with a strong mix in a cup just to make sure. I haven’t run across an awning that I couldn’t use SH on. They might be out there. Wet it first if it’s in the sun…you should be fine.