Candle wax

I had a customer today with a large amount of insect repellant candle way on her vinyl siding. I tried a few thing with no results. I searched a few places and got a few ideas but figured I would ask the pros what they thought.

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Do you have hot water? Seems like 180° or so would do the trick.

No access to hot yet. She’s not really expecting me to clean it but I’d like to make the extra effort. Figured there was a trick to it but I didn’t expect it to be hot water. Makes sense though.

Can of compressed air sprayed upside down. Should make it cold and brittle enough to scrape off



I had candle wax on a painted fiberglass deck. I got the wax off no problem but it left a “grease shadow”. Its been 3 years and still there. I would love to know what would get it off without taking the paint with it.

Another solution that’s in a similar boat. A can of gum Remover. It freezes while spraying upright. Same thing, just backwards.

The wax came off great. I used compressed air since I couldn’t fine gum remover anywhere convienent. Thanks for the tips gentlemen.

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