Can you rinse too much?

I searched this topic before I posted this question bc I saw in other threads guys got crushed for not searching before posting haha…
Might be a simple question but I’m wondering if it’s possible to rinse during a downstream softwash TOO much. I understand when it comes to plants and surrounding objects it’s better to be safe then sorry but when it comes to an older vinyl with oxidation or even a newer vinyl job is it possible to rinse too much? I used to use the black soap tip to apply chems and rinse but was informed that black tip should be thrown in the woods. I bought the jrod 4 way nozzle with the tips comparable with my 4gpm machine. I’m confident these tips will make a world of difference

If you rinse to much you waste water and time. May be you could drown a plant if you really put effort into it…lol. Now if you rinse with the wrong tip then you could have problems.

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