Can you guys give me some feedback on my website?

Hey there guys i’m pretty new to pressure washing, and i was wondering of you guys could give me some feedback on my website thanks.

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I would invest in a lot of commas and some lower case letters. Have someone proofread that thing.

Beware of keyword stuffing (look it up). It’ll work against you on google. Try using synonyms if you find yourself needing to use the same words repeatedly. Synonyms will help you net a wider audience, as well, because not everyone will be searching for the exact keywords you’re stuffing :slight_smile:

And why is there a hyperlink for the word “company” on your ‘about us’ page? It links to some landscaping company in Arizona. The link is out of context and a poor use of backlinking. This will also work against you in the long run.

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Thanks guys. And Alex are you good with SEO you kinda sound like you know what your talking about

I have to agree with Alex on this, it reads like it was written specifically for a search engine.

Also, go for a few "power washing"s in there. The only people who really use the search term “pressure washing” are pressure washers.

Google uses wheat is known as latent semantic indexing for terms like window washing / washer / cleaner / cleaning. Although it works for pressure/power washing, it seems to correlate the terms weakly.

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Thanks for that

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The website is basic, Get two people to proof read everything. Websites work well when there simple, clear and gives the customer all the information they need within the first 30 seconds, So don’t over crowd it with key words or google will knock you down for that.

Pay someone to do some basic SEO for you, The first thing i will do is jump onto sign up and search the domain name of all your local competitors and this website will show you all there back links and referring domains, Go to those sites and see if you can also get a back link to your own site. Once you have done that for all your competitors you will at least be on a level playing field with those guys. But please remember the age of your domain is still a big factor in SEO and only time will help with that.
I have uploaded a short video on to you tube about this and you can watch it at

All the best with your business mate, best industry i have ever been in.

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Some Informations for improving your site here

I see spelling and grammatical errors that should be corrected.