Can we come up with a no-go list?

Reading recent threads got me thinking that there needs to be a no-go list of soft wash jobs. People here have mentioned don’t do blue, red, green or other dark colored vinyl houses. Now there’s a thread about SH streaking the hell out of an asphalt driveway!

What other areas do soft washers need to be leary of? Is it as simple as keeping everything wet?

The asphault is my thread. I let run off from my house wash dry on a recently sealcoated driveway. There was oxidation in the run off too. You could see light colored stains run down the driveway. I think because it was recently sealcoated it made the stains extremely visible where they might not be so obvious. I rinsed it off near the house and it didn’t stain. Lesson is rinse house mix thoroughly off.

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I learn something new every day on this forum. Something interesting always pops up and gives me a new topic to search and learn about


Any customer named Karen

Any customer named Larry

Aluminum Siding

Roofs are cool at first and easy $$ then you realize if you don’t want lung cancer and not fall and break your neck it’s not worth it.

Customers who want to dictate what you use and want it done by Friday

The Faux Cedar Shake ( Yellow) is actually permently stained and not mold.

Pavers suck

Take pictures of sidewalks and driveways before so when they try to blame bad pour jobs and trowel marks on you, you have back

Don’t ever negotiate…usually that customer is a complainer

Don’t do work for realtors…they have a tendency to not pay

Any house with a for sale sign in the yard, get money up front.

Hardi Boards not worth the risk. Unless you have no choice.

Remember that assuming can get you killed and only believe half what you see and nothing that you hear


Some of these actually probably don’t apply to me because I’m a professional house painter. I have ALWAYS washed exterior surfaces, hence my migration into soft washing.

Don’t do meth.

Or heroin.

Or crack.


I know I’m just starting out, but I’m not getting on a roof for any amount of money. Heights aren’t my friend, and I have no desire to be up there. I’ll be on the ground washing houses and concrete!