Can someone review my budget roof cleaning setup?

First of all, my thanks to everyone for such a great forum.

Just starting out, and have been incessantly researching power washing forums for months. My head gets dizzy sometimes from all the information out there. I know that what i am trying to do would not be the best way to do it, but i am trying to macgyver things a little bit just to start rolling. Later on down the line, i can upgrade to better equipment.

Purchased a vehicle that had a 12v pump in it, and i want to build my first roof cleaning setup around it. Here it is:

Seaflo 5.5gpm 12v pump

“Home Depot gun” based on this thread.

Tank: 55 gallon drum for holding roof mix. Plan on just dropping the hose down into the hole on top.

Hose: Not sure about this. Can i just use like 200’ of clear braided tubing from Lowes or Home Depot? Is 1/2" ok for this setup, or should i go to 5/8"? How about the hose that drops into the mix tank? If there is a hose from Home Depot/Lowes that would work better, what would it be?

If anyone sees a problem, or knows of some basic stuff i could get at the local stores that would improve things, please let me know. For instance, if that pump wouldn’t really operate sufficiently, i guess i could use it as a transfer pump for my SH, and could go get a 5.5 Delavan from TSC.

Thanks for any advice here.

I would suggest putting a slotted pvc filter on the end of the suction line either from pwp or powerwash store ( I dont think Chris sells them) and to help keep the line down to the bottom of the tank you need to slip a 12-14" 1-1/2 inch pvc sleeve on it. As far as the pump I can’t say anything about it, most that use 12v pumps use the Delevan or the one that Northern Tool sells or the Everflo’s. They have been used by many and have proven to be reliable. The 1/2" clear braided will work well with the pump, its what I use with my delevan 5850. The gun will work too but I use all pvc or poly parts with mine except for the qc and four banger which are stainless


How far off the bottom of the tank should the suction line be? It obviously needs room to create a good vacuum. Just wondering if anyone knows the ideal location for the space between the bottom of the tank and the suction line hose.

1/2”-1” without a strainer; no space necessary with a strainer.