Can Someone PM me about pricing concrete cleaning?

Hey guys,

I know prices vary across the country but I would like to talk with a few
people about how much I should be charging per square for cleaning concrete,
(garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, apoxy flooring etc)

Please PM me or better yet shoot me an email…


It all depends. How I started was by looking at my own yard and thought of a price I would pay and worked from there. I also have a minimum amount of sqft I would respond too, which would always cover my labor and chems.
For eg. I would not go on a job that is lest that 3000 sqft. It’s not worth it for me I basically charge $1.00 cold and $2.00 hot… That is around .30cents US$

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Thanks Laurie. I was thinking I should charge right around $.25 per square but wanted
some verification to that.

What about epoxy floors? How many psi do you use to get good results without damaging
the coating? I have a guy who installs epoxy floors and wants me to clean some of his installs.


Kyle, epoxy floors are very easy to clean, it’s really almost a “Wash Down” situation. No high psi, No aggressive chems.