Can someone help me select a burner and vendor?

Business keeps getting bigger every year and the need for a burner to do include more concrete work is necessary. Being they are quite expensive and I have no experience with them yet, I was hoping to avoid any pitfalls. I am wondering whether to get 12v or 110v, horizontal/vertical, and brand. I am currently running a GX690 with an UDOR 8gpm gear drive, so if I go with the 110 I would need a generator. Not a horrible thing as I then have portable power for other things, however an added expense. From what I read they are more reliable, but other people say the 12v version has come a long way. Also I will be using it VERY intermittently, as 95% of my business is house washes. However it would certainly open the door to a lot more work for me. I am in Canada right on the US border, so the vendor would not have to ship across but would have to be willing to work with my brokerage so I can bring it across myself.

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