Can I Use Pics That Aren't Mine on My Website?

I need a render transformation image but the transformation has to be in the same image, like the following image:

The one I need is for the upper one in the middle.

So, I first thought this was for pics about transgender transformation and was really afraid to see if @Donut had posted here


Why do you need such a image. I have them of my own work. Just want to make sure you are not claiming it as your own

Need to put it on my webpage till I do a render transformation myself :sweat_smile:

Your the most honest lier on this forum haha.

Fake it till you make it lol

I apologise if I’ve got this wrong, but if you are asking how to get someone else’s pics from the internet and put it on your site, pound sand and begone from here.


Sounds like a good time for the BAN HAMMER



lol, you silly.

I did use to have long hair though… down right beautiful golden locks.


Ever heard of non-binary?

Was watching the show The Deputy and they started talking bout it… never heard that term before, all types of new things in our world today.

Haha @Donut I saw the same thing

Lol, It threw me off…

I’m just trying to get a transformation image for my website, how else I am supposed to get one? I need one for convincing people to let me wash their houses. I have no neighbours I can clean so I cant use my own images, not even my own house. And I live in Spain, even with the best images in the market it’s is gonna be 10x more difficult that in the USA, people don’t even know what powerwashing is

@PW.SP try convincing someone / a business to let you do it free of charge in exchange for their permission to use before and after photos of your work from their property.

@PW.SP or there are plenty of them online if you do a quick google search.

There are no companies in all the region that do powerwashing :frowning:

Then pay someone to let you wash their house and take a pic.

Go wash for free take good pictures. Build your own business. Dont start off being a liar you dont want to be that guy

I moved this back out of the lounge because I feel it is a good discussion for new people to have. It isn’t always unethical to use photos that you didn’t take in my opinion but in order to do it you need:

  1. Permission from the owner of the photo
  2. A clear statement that the photo is not your work but an example

Others may disagree so, fire away…