Can I move the unloader?

Hello all. I am building my trailer and was trying to figure out if I can move the unloader from one side of my pump to the other.

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Yes. You can


No problem. I did the same. Actually i put a short whip line to an unloader block and mounted my unloader off the head to the trailer. But same concept

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I must be very tired or just brain dead it would be much better to run it to a block. Sorry for the pointless question.


It is better, but not a necessity. Good luck bud.

I figure I might as well do it right the first time.

I stongly suggest an unloader block

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I just ordered one. Let’s see how fast pressuretek will get it here.


They are about the fastest shippers that I have ever dealt with.

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I have my unloader block bolted to the front rail of my trailer with a 4 ft whip line. It gets the extra weight off the pump plus saves the pump from kickback and vibration from unloader.

PressureTek is at my door in two days every single time I order from them.


That awesome. And by the way, we’re neighbors. I live in Wilson.

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I finally got time to install my unloader block.


Nice and neat set up :+1:t2: Looks awesome.

Thanks I’m not done yet but it’s much better.

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