Can I get an opinion

Does anyone use this type of surface cleaner or had used it can I get an honest opinion about it…

Best brand out there. In my opinion

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I used it on my aunts concrete side walk thought it done well with no chemicals…

They do require maintenance. It’s something that many neglect. Keep the brushes clean of debris replace worn brushes people always favor one side making the brushes smaller on one side over time. It should be smooth with no vibration. If there is vibration you need to address it before it brakes the shaft. Order the nozzle protectors asap . I used to get about 100 driveways out of a spray bar . With the protectors they last 400 to 500 driveways before their worn out

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I bought this one used how much is the brush roughly

Also what do the protectors look like

I think brushes are about $50

These are the nozzle protectors

Those are the exact ones I need? Or just close?

These are the ones for a 4 nozzle bar there are also ones for a 2 nozzle bar

Believe mines a two

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Thank you @florida_condo_cleani think you a little north of me

I work all over the state. But Tampa and Sarasota are my biggest markets . I have about a dozen HOA’s around Sarasota

you can buy the main seals & o rings for under $15 inc tax to rebuild the cartridge rather than paying 45.00 for the kit

@florida_condo_cleani I’m in west palm

Where are you looking to find this info? All I ever see are kit$ and full swivel head$. I would love to learn how to determine individual pieces needed for any SC brand.

O rings can be found & most any hardware store with a decent selection, main seals & lower shaft seal @ most any hydraulic shop I used a micrometer on a new set 20+ years ago & bought all locally

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Thanks, but I was afraid this would be your answer, gotta invest at least 1 time in a new set.