Can I get an honest opinion this was my first job with chemical


I treated this with a strong mix. from what I could tell after it needs repainted between the steps.any advice for future jobs customer was very pleased me not so much…


Did u treat after? I’m guessing no


I did not. Is that something I need to do?


Yea. Treating after in my opinion does more than treating before.


I will brush with straight sh on tough spots, let dwell, brush again if I get good results.


Thanks for the advice guys…


Setting realistic customer expectations will keep you out of trouble most of the time.
Basically if something is hella funky don’t promise anything except doing the best you can


That’s what I did in this case customer was pleased. And woman down the street liked my work so I did her next…


If she’s happy, then fantastic. Believe me, I’ve cleaned 100 year old windows that didn’t come out perfect and they were more than pleased.

Mom told me years ago, ‘do the best you can, that’s all you can do’.

BTW, how on EARTH did those steps get so black, and the house looks fine?




I’m in south Florid, and that house was in the perfect area for mold. crazy part is house didn’t have a visible piece on it


That’s crazy!