Calls suddenly stopped... what is going on?

Iv been busy since late February, stayed booked out a week in advance, until today.

The phone hasn’t rang once in 5 days(other than telemarketers and scammers, and even those seem to Have stopped. Not 1 in 3 days) and I now have no work! Nothing. Only 1 Job scheduled for the 28th.

What happen? I am running Google ads, multiple paper ads, door Hangers etc. I even bumped up Google some over the weekend and nothing.
Been networking, going to events, passing cards like candy.

My only thought is school coming to a close and people are planning vacations/having to shell out for day care and/or graduation parties etc etc.

Luckily I have put some $ away for times like this but this can continue for long.

Anyone else experience this?

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Got a couple of cats over in my area that do residential. There having the same problems. I think your right about schools out ,graduations ,memorial day vacation time stuff.


July/Aug slow down… will pick back up Sept


Normal. School letting out, families heading to the beach.

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My wife has a theory that there is a collective subconscious that influences peoples buying decisions. Sometimes it is eerily precise. Like this Sunday afternoon, I got three different leads from 3 totally unrelated customers, all within 15 minutes of each other. And people almost never call us on a Sunday.

Now, that info doesn’t really help your situation. But what should be encouraging, is that up until this past weekend, we had been experiencing a lull in demand. April was crazy for us, and when calls slowed down the last couple weeks, I was afraid that the summer slowdown was here early. But this was way too early, and I turned out to be wrong.

Prepare yourself for the real slowdown that typically comes around late July through August, and sometimes into early September.

As soon as calls start picking up for you in the next week or two, try and book some of those jobs further out (take deposits for scheduling), so that when it slows down again, you’re not completely dead in the water.


Wish we were. We’re headed to a gravel parking lot in 5 hrs to wash 12 semies

Goodness, I got all warm and fuzzy and had a tingle going up my leg just thinking about this. Can’t wait!


I think you and I are probably at the point that if we want time off, we have to schedule it.

I essentially had no slowdown last year due to how far out I was booked by the time the calls stopped.

I’m taking a week off at the end of June this year.


It’s been rainy and colder here the last 2 weeks. Calls just trickle in now… not super thrilled. Hopefully this new marketing team will fix that when they go live next week.

I have about 6 jobs to do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It did get so busy I had a hard time keeping up… then dropped off…
For one thing I got all the little “honey can you fix” done. Fixed an antique chair, the car door handle, repaired some flooring… lol

Staying busy.
I did just get 1 lead so that’s a plus!

Gonna spam that neighborhood with door hangers tomorrow.

Cheers y’all.

It has stopped here, too. I have 4 more jobs and I will be caught up…have not scheduled a job in the last week.

This is not all bad, I have several things that need to be done at our lake house…no scheduled work means I can go there and stay for several days and actually get something done.

If you need work ,get into some commercial contracts, they don’t take vacations @ProfessionalWasher

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Just make a note for next year , from May 1-15 all the calls you get ask if they’re not in a rush and put them after Memorial Day . Also there’s a slow down in August . If you get lots of calls in July try and book some for August.

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I am experiencing the same thing. With this being my first year, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily I got a few calls over the weekend.
I bumped up all marketing, that helped a bit.

Unless there like everyone else that wants it done yesterday and if you can’t do it,there is always somebody else. But it’s worth a try

@Genaroguzman That is just shifting them from one position to another position in the schedule…without getting more calls, the net effect is the same…no work.

I don’t make a living doing this, but for those that do…slow is not too good.


I want slow something fierce. I put 30 hours in the past two days so I’m going to the cabin tomorrow. Booking for next March currently


Things have slowed here as well. I was booked a month out since almost February but I’m about caught up now. Have a few still on the books, but its dwindling down for sure.

If you’re resting on your hind quarters hoping that the phone is going to ring you don’t want to be busy.

If you’re not busy, you’re not booking out far enough, last years marketing was weak, and/or this years marketing was weak/started too late/still building momentum…

Or thunderstorms.

  1. Have you called all your past customers?
  2. Have you called any property managers you’ve done work for to ask if there’s any properties they’d like a bid on.

If you’ve done that you need to get out, kiss more hands, and shake more babies. Just picked up gutter cleaning 90 properties not including, of all things, a chain of funeral homes. Not a one time deal. Twice a year every year until they decide gutters don’t need cleaned anymore.

I picked that up by chatting with a guy who owns a lawn care company that advertises gutter cleaning on his trucks. He can’t do it anymore because he’s too busy mowing lawns and connected me via email to the property management company he was doing gutters for. I took them all over. Didn’t have to buy them or subcontract for them. All because I talked to a guy at the gas pump.

Lace up and start cold calling property managers. If you’re not busy, not constantly marketing or selling it’s a failure in marketing, selling, or action.


The only two “magic bullets” I’ve found that will keep at least the minimum amount of work on the calendar for myself are:

  1. 5-arounds
  2. Past customers