Calling all dryvit pro's

I know I’ll need 2-4% direct application and multiple passes may be necessary to get it done. I have done small dryvit caps etc. but not an entire home before this one.

All insight is appreciated.

I have a 12v 5.5 from bob. I’m looking to figure how much mix I’ll need for an estimate. It is around 3500 sq ft single story. I’ll have more than enough on hand but I need to charge accordingly.

Any advice. @squidskc

How are you doing your estimates? You should have a set price per ft, sqft, or flat rate prices for certain size houses.

I like to price per linear foot. But, I mostly wash vinyl. Which in terms or chems doesn’t compare.

I will find out for myself after this job. I’m just looking for feedback for how many gallon mix I’ll use.

Much like a good estimate for roof mix on a slight pitch is 75 sq. Ft per gallon give or take.

I measure distance around the house and add on $65 per story after the 1st. I charge $1.25ft for vinyl and $1.75ft for stucco/dryvit. I can’t tell you how much you’ll use. Bring more than you think you’ll use and go from there is the best advice this newb can give you lol.

I’m not sure. I need pictures. But on a single-story without much overspray and a fan tip you may be into it 35 gallons. Unless it’s really bad you may be into it more. Just mix up 20 gallons and see where it gets you. Have enough bleach on hand to mix up another 20 gallons. Or 40. How big is your chem tank?

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Oh! You’re adding mixed into the estimate? You’re doing it the hard way.

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I priced it 20% higher than a vinyl of the same size. I’m sure it will cover the added expense.
I have two 30 gallon mix tanks. One mixed the other straight.

Thanks I’ll see how it turns out.

Figure out how much it cost you to run the business monthly and then divide that by the hours you typically work in a month. Do the same with your monthly profit goal. Then charge by the hour. Some months are going to use more bleach. Other months you’re going to use less. Just find a consistent number and stick with it.

Do you show up to a residential job and charge by the hour? I understand estimating a job in time and charging that flat rate.

You build your flat rates based on how long it takes to do a range of sizes. Like worst case scenario it’s gonna take two hours to wash a 3000 foot two-story suburban house. So for me that’s over $300. But you can test your flat rates by increasing them slightly until you get some no’s. $319, next week $339, etc. I’ve landed on $379 for that size of house from 2400 ft.² to 3500 ft.²


I’m following now. Thank you for the advice.

I don’t see any reason you’d use more then 10 gallons SH. 12v would work but I find the xjet to be just as handy with a 25’ hose.

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I kind of borrowed from the calculations used in Responsibid. For housewashing pricing, the type of siding selected has multipliers associated with it. For example, you have a base rate for each size home that includes cleaning vinyl siding. Painted or aluminum siding might add 10% to the base price, dryvit/stucco might add 35%, etc.

I like flat rate pricing for each size home, with modifiers for those sorts of variables. Has a wraparound porch? Add 20%. Has a walkout basement? Add 15%, etc.

Pick your own multipliers that work for you.


We didn’t take before and after of the house but it turned out great customer was pleased and added on the driveway.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in advice!


Looks great. Good work @OC2X

How much did you use?

We ended up ds’ing straight 12.5 it took off the minor stains on the blue dryvit. It was in pretty good shape. There were a few spots we had to hit with 12v.
For the white dryvit borders around the windows etc. We used 10 gal of 12.5 sh mixed @ 3 % and it went post treat also.

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