Cabin stuff if interested

My brother handles the sponsor side and marketing/advertising for our stuff and I don’t understand all of it. But if you go to instantgram and search for @offthegridguide you can see our cabin or @superessestraps you can see his products.


I dont even know what Instagram does lol. But i did see you bug out cabin in the video. Id love something like that.

How does wood stove perform?

Keeps the place toasty but have to feed it every 30 minutes

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Thats no fun. Well seasoned hardwood make any difference?

The fire box is 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches. It doesn’t hold much wood. Ran firewood thru the table saw then split into kindling to fit in it

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See this Instagram photo by @offthegridguide
Is this you are your brother in this pic?

I think the photo of the arm holding the cup is a customer. I’m the one lighting the little stove



Congrats on the restoration, looks good

Reminds me of a cracker barrel, you’re missing trinkets hanging on the walls

Looks great!

One day, I’m gonna build myself a cabin. Don’t know whose land it’d go on, but at least I’d have me a cabin.


I have a little shed that wood stove would go perfectly in! It is where I reload ammo and play with guns, it is heated with a little space heater but am definitely considering that stove!

I’d live in that. Awesome and homely :blush:

The last pics were of the hunting house that flooded. Not to be confused with my off grid cabin about 50 miles away from there.