Bypass valve

If I install bypass valve do I still need to install downstream I have to walk back to truck to switch from soap to rinse.wouldnt be easier to use jrod set up or am I missing something

I’ll answer before the peanut gallery gets here…

I was advised to just use my jrod soap nozzle for rinsing, so it required a trip to the trailer so I could shut off the soap. I was using the high pressure tips to shut it off but there are many times you’ll need to use those with plain water.

I now use a remote controlled valve.

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If you want to downstream, you need an injector

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Do I still need to hook up a down stream injector

If I’m understanding your question, yes…you need an injector if you want to downstream as IBS said.

What is the benefit of the injector bypass.Just a little more distance on rinse and a little more pressure when surface cleaning.Thank you for all the help

It makes about $11 for the vendor that sells it. Other than that, it is a useless contrivance


Ditto. Unless you’re using an unnecessarily undersized injector. Which I was, for quite awhile. Now that I’m using a slightly larger injector (which still pulls like a freight train), I can hardly tell a difference between using my 3-way valve on the soap line vs. using the bypass.

The only way an injector bypass could effectively recover the pressure loss without inducing a similar amount of loss from the added fittings, is if it was all 1/2” plumbing. But nobody sells a kit like that yet.

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