Bypass reel for roof system

Some how my 12v no longer works unless I bypass the reel. It seems like there’s some restriction within the reel. So I’m curious how others are by passing the reel. At this point I have to take off all 200’ of 5/8 poly braid even if I only need 20’. I would like to install cam locks every 50’ or so. The cam locks make me somewhat nervous having such a hot mix flowing through them. How are you bypassing the reel and making it efficient? Should the cam locks be cause for concern?

Just fix your manifold on your reel. Put a stainless steel one on. But I do use cam locks on the top of my chemical tank they seem to hold up fine. Only been there or about a month though.

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Can’t seem to find a manifold replacement for my GP reels. I’m only finding swivels and handles.

I don’t use a manifold in my roof chem reel. I just unroll the whole thing and connect it via camlock. Had that going for about 6months with minor rusting. Just replace as needed. Thinking of putting a large ball valve in front of it to prevent any spillage. Right now I just need to make sure there is no pressure in my system before disconnecting (ask me how I know).

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I would highly suggest not putting any connections in the line. If one leaks even a little you’re going to ruin lawns.

LOL I know it’s true and I definitely don’t recommend it either but here is my budget softwash hose. Connections galore.

That’s my fear. However I’ve seen it suggested a few times from people who say there’s been zero problems.

And they may not leak for years and years. It just takes once in someone’s freshly sodded yard or right next to some 50 year old rose bushes. Just not worth the risk in my opinion. If I were you I’d try to fix the reel or get a new one that you can replace the manifold when it rusts over again.

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Just buy you a Titan reel and not worry about it.

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You still need a stainless swivel on the titan.

yep, the only way to get them.

I’d have to rearrange my whole setup. Reels are stacked three high and I have no room for them unstacked. Maybe I should start another thread called Tetris challenge. I guess it’s a possibility for me to custom weld a stacking plate for the titan somehow.

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The gp I have has SS. The swivel is good. I think it’s some buildup within the manifold causing the restriction. It’s not so bad pulling all the hose on or off as for most roofs I use much of it anyway but I’m ordering one of Franks pro mix a lot deals soon and was looking forward to dialing it for the concrete post treatment. Guess I should have bought three titans to begin with.

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I did a roof for a horticulturist two days ago. The whole yard look like a jungle of various plant species. That roof had me on edge for sure. One cam lock breaks loose and 1-2min later there’s 5-10gal of 5% all over. Nightmare.


Stainless aint bleach proof so you could have a leak there, but youz got we worried now…maybe a screw connection.