Bypass Question RRV4G40

Hi everyone,

Just starting my second year in business and trying to see if I can stop having trigger anxiety and bypass this to the ground when not on the trigger?

My assumption is to remove the top plug in the pic and attach a line however I just wanted to double check if I’m on the right track or not.

Additionally, has anyone tried to pull from a tank with a direct drive AR RRV4G40? Would love to setup a small buffer tank. Currently in the market for a belt drive washer but would love to make this work for now.

Thanks everyone and cheers to a strong 2022!

How soon do you need this? I would recommend you remove both bolts holding on the unloader. Throw the unloader and two bolts away and run adapters for your supply inlet and high pressure outlet. I can machine you the adapters but I need a bit.

You’ll be able to run a jumper hose to a unloader block and mount you a nicer flow actuated unloader with bypass of course.

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That would be incredible, thanks for offering. I’m in Canada but of course I could pay for the adapter and shipping. Let me know which unloader you would use with it as well if you could.

Thanks for the help and suggestion!

No worries, I’m semi retired now and I’m chipping away at all the small issues we face with equipment and the lack of support on custom stuff.

I’d run a GP ZK1 or ZK5 unloader. I can get you set up with everything if you wish. I can also make you that jumper hose once you get a length on it.

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Yeah that would be great. I wouldn’t need a very long hose, I’m running out of a truck bed right now. I’ll probably just mount it to the washers frame, or a hunk of wood for the time being. I plan to get a small trailer soon so I can free up the bed. For the time being, I’d probably just bypass to the ground

Let me know if you need some pics to give you an idea what I’m currently working with.

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