Bypass hose to buffer tank question

I have a 50 gallon buffer tank with a Hudson float valve. Here’s a stupid question that I couldn’t find in a search. If the tank is full and the Hudson float valve shuts the water off…when off the trigger will the bypass line fill the tank past the float valve and over flow my tank? I can’t seem to wrap my head around this since I’m new to buffer tanks.

You’re bypassing only what’s between the tank and pump anyway.

In simplest terms it’s just taking the same amount from the tank and putting that amount back in the tank.


Ok thanks…that makes sense. I didn’t want to be in the back of the house…off the trigger doing something and the tank explodes…lol

If you have a 50 gallon buffer tank and a Hudson float valve you most likely have it set at 45 gallons anyway they are bulky and not flush mount.

I have a flat top 50 gallon tank (shaped like a box). After putting the float valve in, it stops at 37 gallons😳. That makes me nervous…I’ll probably replace it with a 65 gallon rounded top leg tank. That way it will probably stop at 60 gallons. I’ve seen some guys install their float valve in the lid to raise it up some