Bypass hose size

I removed my short bypass hose and running about 6 feet to a buffer tank instead. The short hose is 3/8" but in 6 feet is it better to go to a 1/2" with a 5gpm at 4000psi machine?

Plus i cant seem to find how to change where it says in my profile from 4gpm to 5.

3/8 is fine

Pretty sure you can’t change it. It’s an accolade to show your status. Apparantly I’m still a new member…ive been on here for at least two years.

Is it possible i could have an unloader that has an extra connection for the longer hose and then leave the short one hooked up also? There is a bottom bolt and a allen screw on the oposite side of my unloader. After every use i squeeze antifreeze through inlet but now it doesnt come out of the top outlet since i installed the hose to tank.I sometimes turn the pump over but this time it was taking a lot of antifreeze. So just sqeezing that in,was it even getting to the pumps valves or just going through the short hose?

So, recently someone told me I had no tact. Maybe not. You’ve been on this forum for 4 years, have two hours of read time and asked an unintelligible question about a basic part of a pump that should have been known before your ever started the machine the first time. I think it would behoove you to find your own answer and no one else, including myself, waste their time on this post. .


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