Buying 12.5 SH and my first washing brick house

So I ordered some Elemonator and F-13 for the first time and im gonna be using it this weekend for a job. It is a brick house and a detached garage/workshop with vinyl siding. Only major problem with brick house is on the north side has black mold. (the rest is pretty clean aside from trim that has mold around the house) Would elemonator do the trick on the mold on the brick house? Also, read about the “cherry bomb” Could you mix F-13 with Elemonator as well???

Also, I just spoke with chemical company in my area and they quoted 35 dollars for 5 gallons. Is this a fair price? Since im small time right now and not a large business should i just stick with getting chlorine with 8% sh at walmart? I have another job with decent income so paying a tad more for supplies does not hurt the pocket too bad.

Thanks for any response or advice. Since joining and reading forums I feel like I have learned a wealth of info and appreciate all the pro’s advice on here

Go to a swimming pool store for your SH, it should cost you around $19.95 for 5 Gallons, they may charge a deposit for the container but that is returned when you bring them back the empty container.

Sams club/ Costco sells bleach in a 3pack case. Or homedepot sells something they call germicidal bleach. It works fine and only 1.99/gal
Regular bleach will work just don’t dilute it too much. Also, don’t buy crap SH from the dollar store. Buy the good stuff that’s fresher the better.
I personally don’t mix F-13 with house wash because it has it’s own place in my business (gutter cleaning) be careful with it. It can cause problems. Stick to elemonator and SH and you will be fine.
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