Buyer for life... cant recommend enough

I know quite a few of the clowns on here like to grill. Ive got a Weber grill that has a manufactured date of 2006. I got it lightly used, yeah im cheap and got a used grill that has been awesome… $900 grill i basically stole.

Ironically i got bought my mom a new little 2 burner grill Weber this week, but i called to get part #s for replacement parts on my grill today cause tired of middle burner not lighting fully. Lady at customer service asked me for info on grill cause and ended up giving me new burners under warranty. I certainly didnt expect that and was calling to get burners, grates, and flavoring bars to get a few more years outta grill but they were awesome… they might have only saved me $60-70 bucks, but ill never buy another brand.

We have had Weber grills since i can remember, prolly would have always bought Weber brand any how… like most things, spend the money buy good stuff


I’m glad you said that,I’ve been debating on a good grill to buy at end of season to save a buck,never had one. Always said to myself, it’s gonna be crap in 2 seasons, why spend $500 or up. Always bought the crap ones. Our local,about 45 minutes away Ace Hardware store sells weber and I really like them folks over big box stores. Thanks @Donut

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I have a old Weber charcoal it was my grandfathers. I love it. I did buy a used big green egg for 200 bucks they are hard to beat. Gas grills are crap

Ive been looking at new ones… i think its a Spirit w/ 3 burners and a sear station(extra burner) for like $599 is one i would get… got my mom a Spirit 2 burner. Its a really nice basic grill for $350… warranty cant be beat. Put it on porch of the new office w/ a cover and itll last you a long time.

I cant get into charcoal, takes too long to get get going.

Those green eggs are sweet, ever sweeter for $200.

You be surprised how many people sell them on craigslist because they had a gas grill and think it takes to long. I hate gas grills but I’m a bbq purist food cost to much to cook it on gas. Plus I am fascinated with this forum so I light the grill open a beer and see what you guys are doing at the end of the day

We shall agree to disagree.

But im seriously looking at Pellet style smoker… just a bunch of money.

This Forum is my crack man. My wife just rolls her eyes and says ,well at least it’s for the better good of our business.


A pellet smoker is the equivalent of a ryobi pressure washer


Gas has it’s place in grilling. It lights up coals super quick.


I’ve played with a buddies Traeger a few times… man its easy.

I agree with both ya’ll. I charcoal 100 % of the time. But I’d also would like to get home from a long day and not wait 30 minutes for my grill to be ready.

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Unacceptable… must choose a side


I’ve been eyeing them. Ace sells them as well with the weber. Like $700 And up. Have to sell a kidney. But them 1hr long infomercials said I must have one,but I’m gonna take @Donut advice

Have made wings, pizza, and dang chocolate chip cookies on one… super easy.

Did steaks and a roast too. Im a fan, like you said the price.

That’s a plate set for the judges ain’t it @Firefighter4hire ? I like watching my bbq telly man

Beef and Broccoli from Chinese joint?

Gas is great for quick stuff like burgers and thin pork chops but that’s about it for me. Charcoal reigns supreme. Never smoked with anything but split wood so I can’t comment there.

I have a cast iron charcoal grill but its not as big as i would like it to be and you have to put it on a table.
I seen a round weber grill and it looked like one of those cheap walmart ones that are really thin and get a hole burnt in them after a couple of uses. i went to go move it off the porch and it had some nice weight to it. I thougjt it might have had a bag of charcoal in it so i opened it and it didnt. They make them out of nice thick metal…very well built. Ive thought about buying one of those ceramic eggs grills but man they are pricey.