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Hi all,

I have a pricing question for a business estimate that I just gave. A business owner stopped me in her store today and asked if I could give her a quote on pressure washing the front of her store, here are the details: the verticle portions, roof and walls I was using .12 cents per foot, the horizontal portions, overhang and concrete sidewalk I was using .25 cents per foot.

  1. The roof is at about a 45 deg. angle, 5 ft. high by 75 ft. long.
  2. The overhang is 7ft. wide by 75 ft. long.
  3. The walls are all windows 9 ft. high by 70 ft. long.
  4. The sidewalk is concrete and 12 ft. wide by 75 ft. long.
  5. Theres only one corner of the roof on the building that she wants done, that is 1 ft. wide overhang by 22 ft. long by 5 ft high roof.

I gave her a quick estimate of $480.00, “give or take 10-20 dollars”. I have no idea if I was on the mark or if I just shot myself in the foot? I usually don’t do brick and morter commercial buildings, I usually do fleets. Any and all comments are welcome. I did tell her that I generally don’t do building work.

Phoenix Services
Middle River, MD

I dont understand your question

How would the hole in your foot change if you charged her $1000?

How would the hole in your foot change if you charged her $100?


I think what I 'm trying to say is that she owns multiple business properties. Thinknig that I have to give her a good price to get possible more work from her on her other properties, with the mind set of filler work in the winter.

He just wants to know if he went too low or to high…

Em I right? [MENTION=12928]Phoenix[/MENTION]


Yes, thats all. Thanks for clearing that up. Sometimes I do that when I’m to close to something and cant essplain it…LOL. Thanks again.

Without knowing YOUR expenses, how can I or anyone else determine what YOU need to charge for any given project?

You will never know what the property manager wants/expects in pricing by talking to us

I was only looking for estimating information. I was under the impression that is what these forums were for, to get advice from some professionals. Apparently I was wrong, I have only been doing this for a short time and as I said I was looking for estimating info. I see that you have been in business for about 11 yrs. You already know the ins and outs of the business. Some of us are just getting started and don’t yet know this information. I applaud you on your success and for being an Air Force Vet. I am going to say thank you, but no thank you to your condescending tone. I would hope in the future that you can give advice and information to someone without smart comments, I understand they may be true. And you have grown your business to comfortably support you and your family, but I believe you need to invest more time in other areas, have a good day jim.

Phoenix, here I’ll help you out as best I can, I will start by saying i’m also new to PW, but not new to owning a business, this advice will pretty much apply to any business.

Sit down, and Calculate how long that job will take you, at this point you should already know how much you need to earn per hour to make a profit… Add up your fuel cost for this job, the hours, a helper? If you need one… Your Chemical cost ect… Then give her the best price possible to earn her business…

This is what I do, if I see my client is nice and friendly and could lead me to other jobs or referrals, I will do my best to give them a good deal of course not to the point where I loose money but a good deal for both… If its a trouble client that is picky ect… Ill raise my hourly rate so its worth my time and headache… Now if its a job I really dont want to do! Ill bid it high!! If I land it! Ill be having a nice steak for dinner… Win win…

If you start applying this form of bidding to your estimates, you will never leave a job wondering or feeling guilty knowing that maybe you just gave them an unfairly high price… Or too low of a price also…

Hope it helps,


without knowing the finances of your business, you will never know what to charge, its that simple.

There is a difference between advice (what I gave you) and wanting someone to hand feed you all the info, in which case you will never learn anything. Dont be afraid to fail and dont think winning one job will make you a success - thats the difference (one of many) between employee, self employed, business owner and entrepreneur

If you dont like my tone(?) maybe you should consider going back to the role of an employee.

Now put on your big boy pants, relax and consider what you want to do with your life - hows that for condescending, it took some work but I did it :cool: