Business Plan - Right Track?


I didn’t really get the chance to look at the pics on it in detail. Sneaking on my phone while working lol.

And eventually I do want a setup out of the back of my truck or even trailer, but as of now I need to make money on a few jobs first before going and spending more on the things that just make it easier on me. I am sure I can pick it up, I lift a lot of weight every day all day. It will work for startup. Hose reel will come a little later also. Gotta get $$ flowing first. I plan on investing the first many jobs income on all the things I can’t immediately start with.

What I want vs. what I can afford right off the bat are two different things lol.


Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments on any of the other topics I touched on? Other than the pump. Like my price on sh. Or the coverage amount for insurance, etc.

$1 million in gl?

$175/55gal sh.


The bleach price is good but you might not want to buy 55 gallons until you get some work scheduled. It will degrade if it sits a while.

We use general pump high draw injectors. Like 18$. Get two.

Water hose. You can get 100 ft of felxzilla From tractor supply for like 70$. Best supply hose out there.

I usually say buy new but this Time of year a lot of guys are realizing things didn’t work out and it’s getting cold. So you can buy machines pennies on the dollar. There is a pressure wash for sale page in Facebook and Craigslist is usually packed with the. Whatever surface cleaner you get make sure you get the right tips for your machine.


Depends what work your going for. Most commercial jobs require 2m in coverage


I don’t know about your area, but here in the Ohio Valley the house softwashing is coming to a close so I just have a few gallons of bleach in case one does pop up. I think getting a 55 gallon drum is just a waste of money right now unless you live down south and can softwash all year.


I do live in Alabama lol.

Check out this rig setup I found on Facebook market. Seems it has everything I would need.


Great deal!

Washer $2,000

Surface cleaners $400

Hose reels - $300-400

Hoses $300

Buffer tank - $130

Pretty much getting the trailer for free.

Buy it!


He’s actually only asking 3k for it now.

That’s a steal


I have been in contact with him in the last few mins. Told me his bottom dollar would be $2,900.

Said he liked doing it but he couldn’t handle not having the benefits of a full time job like insurance and stuff like that. He’s 3.5 hours away, but I think I’m gonna spring for it! It is a hell of a deal. He says he just wants to recoup some of the cost.


Go for it!


As mentioned, it’s set up for softwashing with 2500psi. I am not experienced enough to comment, but would that be enough for concrete/sidewalk work?

Also, do you have a secure place to keep it? There have been many trailer thefts around my area, something to ponder.




You really don’t want over 2500 for concrete. I know most guys run 15 tips but I’ve been happy running 25 degree tips


This guy has a few videos on YouTube under Tri-Sate Softwash. His trailer set up is one of his videos where I got a lot of my ideas from. That’s a great deal for a solid house washing trailer. I wouldn’t even hesitate. And as mentioned it’s plenty psi to do residential concrete with


I just went to check them out, all the videos are gone, but the account is still up. Boo


We have been talking back and forth. I am planning to take the trip to look at it in person. He said he would even go over some of the techniques in person with me for soft washing.

And the only issue I am having is having somewhere secure to keep it. That’s basically the only thing on my mind. Not sure what to do on that aspect. Because of how my home is, only easy and safe bet for me would be a back of my truck setup. I’m still racking my brain about where I’d be able to securely store it.


Totally understand that, but that is a good price on a good set up.

Even if having to convert to a truck set up, it would be bad… but sell trailer for what you can get and find a small enclosed trailer could always be an option.


I, myself, wouldnt buy it. I can make it for much less. I dont like trailers that dont have an Aframe tongue. Here, I could get that tank for 100, free 275gal tote if I wanted instead, 850 for a good trailer or less, Ive missed out on a few nice free tandems because I had nowhere to store them. Do like schertz did with the 22hp predator and whatever pump. Only thing I wouldnt do used is the $169(new) aframe gp 300ft(3/8) reels and +/- $175 150ft hose, but with your budget, get new engine.


A Honda motor with 32 hours is basically a new engine. Even if you buy it and sell the trailer you’re still way ahead of most who buy new piece by piece. Not sure I’d recommend someone building a PW from scratch with a Predator engine and pump if they know very little about PW…some mods need to be made to have it run the way you want. Plus you could get a little hand on training from the guy while you’re there. The PW and SC alone are worth over $2k.

I would look into the trailer as I remember the one in the YouTube video was I believe was 5x8 and the one in the pic looks like 5x8 so just check to make sure.


Thanks Barry. I agree on the building a PW from scratch. I just don’t have the knowledge or want to really try to do that right now, being a beginner.

I will check when I get there on the size. Obviously the ad says 6x10. I can’t really tell by pictures what it is.

How is it you know this is the same person in the youtube video? Do you know the person? They mentioned this site but didn’t really say weather they were really active on here.