Burner too hot

Any idea why this machine is running so hot?

My guess is Not enough air.

The baffle has burned through. How many hours on it?

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Pull the burner housing and have a look see

I’m also reading fuel pressure can be adjusted for temperature control.Screenshot_20190911-230148

But if only problem is in that pic,.IDK

Not the greatest idea to set the temp with fuel pressure unless you are just moving it back and forth a few degrees. Too low and the fuel won’t atomize well. You should adjust your temp with going up and down on your gun nozzle size

Nice rod.

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270 hours

Hey man, I don’t swing that way lol


Ok, forget what I said hahahahaha

How hot is the water coming out of the gun ?

Do you have a 200# pressure gauge for the fuel pump?

Could be the thermostat couldn’t it @dperez ?

Not likely but what would I know since I don’t run thermostats. All my units are on timer delays