Burner decisions

I have a 120V burner that was powered by a belt driven generator. A while back the generator went out. We have been stretching an extension cord most everywhere we work. I have another burner in the same truck that is 12V. No problems with it. I am needing to fix the 120V burner but unsure which direction I want to go. I have considered another belt driven generator which would run about $500. I have thought about changing the burner over to a 12V which would run about $800. Or I have thought about buying a gas powered generator that I could also use for other things. Of course with this option I would also be burning gas while using my diesel powered burner. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Replace the generator & be done with it…it’s only $500… Not $5,000. Switching to 12v makes no sense, extra generator takes up space and something else that could break down…just saying

The fewer pieces of machinery that can potentially break the better.

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Thanks Guy & Thad. After I posted this last night and reread it, I pretty well knew what I needed to do. Guess I just needed to see my options laid out in front of me.