Bulk SH in Oregon

EDIT just got off the phone with Univar here in Oregon.

I’ve been purchasing my SH through a larger pressure wash company this year in Salem. But as my jobs have increased in frequency and volume I’m looking into purchasing in bulk in hopes of a better price. I’ve done some researching but not sure where to start. Was curious where you Oregon folks were buying SH from and what prices should I expect. I have an Oregon applicator license
I’m paying over 300 per 55tub currently. The 55tub are only lasting me a week-2weeks with an uptick in roof treatment

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$300?? Good grief it’s $165 delivered here in KY.


You can negotiate prices. Different areas have different prices.

Btw…where the heck has @Sasquatch been? Maybe he knows the going rate there. Since he’s in Oregon he probably had some squatters take over his house and can’t get a hold of the police to get them out.


Dude you’re telling me… I was paying $7/gal in 5gal buckets. Then I need a 55tub for a job and was like… “that’s the last time I buy SH here” so here I am looking for options.
Univar was nice in the phone. They took my company info and said I’d get an accurate quote in 24hrs

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$156 in Arkansas. Not delivered (sigh)

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140.00 delivered in Kentucky

$152 delivered in mo

I’m in Portland

Found a pool store in town for 275/55tub… better. Not great

That’s around what a pool supply co charges per gal

Considering you can resell it to the customer at around $100/gal… not a horrible deal. But I’d still keep my eyes open for a better price. I pay around $160/drum here in the boondocks of VT. (Plus a flat delivery fee of $42.50, regardless of quantity)

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Where in Oregon are you?

How are you liking the PNW? I’m sure you like the weather better than the TN summer heat and humidity. How’s washing going? Have you been able to build the customer base back up?

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Its going great! I wasn’t even sure I would be washing out here but the phone keeps ringing. I do about 60% roofs now which I don’t really care for but they pay. I do about half of the volume I had in Tennessee but the tickets are double. Finding chems was crazy but its worked out now. Had baby #4 in October and we are blessed!

The hunting is fun too


Btw. We are going to northwest solvents in Eugene Oregon. $190/55gal

Thats not bad! I pay $155 delivered from Salem and another supplier out of Grants Pass. Can’t complain. I only do 3- 5 barrels a month.