Building another trailer


I’ve just gotten my 14ft like I want it but added recovery and realized not enough room so I’m upgrading to a 16ft. Let the fun begin. How,even though half of my business at this time is residential I’m setting this on up geared more towards commercial flatwork.


That brand new?


Yes, trading my 14 in on it



Aren’t forklifts just the best!

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Calling it a day. hopefully we’ll finish it Monday all except for the vacumn hose reel and the generator which I don’t have yet


@Kps0410 I don’t think we can be friends LOL…your way to productive for me…I’ve been working on my 16ft trailer for over a month and a half and I feel like I barely got anything done compared to your 8hr binder…
It looks great man!!

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We are just young and dont plan things ahead of time because it’s to boring :joy::joy: im also easily distracted so i tend to get tasks done slowly. Unless im making money then im all business.


Where are you at? Its like you have an entire factory at your disposal.

Looking good man, very productive you are


What’d you paint the floor with?


I had to call it a day. I have bells palsey and it’s been flaring up. I have a good friend with a custom welding shop and a forklift. Monday we’ll at least get it back operational. @Racer behr deck over

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I like the blue color. They’ve got more colors now than when I did mine. The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s so thick you can’t get it down in the cracks. But I really like the grip it has.


That’s exactly the color and stuff I used for it. But it has not held up well.


I’ve used twice now on trailers and have been pretty happy with how it’s held up. But you’re rougher on equipment than I am, lol.


It’s just banged up, but anywhere that bleach has touched its white and the boards are going bad. I should’ve clarified. It doesn’t hold up to SH.

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With the exception of the surface cleaner storage compartment once it’s bolted down it’s there for good. So there won’t be anything to damage or scuff it


Not much does. all my tanks have banjo connectors which has really reduced bleach spills. I just transfer from tank to tank


Finally got the bleach tanks mounted and everything plumbed. Everything that has to do with bleach is isolated to the rear of the trailer. This weekend I’ve got to make a platform for the cold water unit.


Is there away to adjust when my Hudson float valve shuts off. It’s not shutting off until the very top. I mounting all plumbing through the tank lid so I wouldn’t have to drill into the tank incase I goofed. Its shutting off and working fine. I can hear the water stop flowing I just need it to stop a tad sooner


I think the only option is to fab up an extension out of PVC to drop it lower into the tank. IIRC it’s 1” fpt

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