Buffer Tank Supply Hose Size

I have a 4 gpm belt driven cold water pressure washer. I am setting up my trailer now with a 125 gallon buffer tank.

I plan on upgrading my pump to a 8 gpm pump in the future so I’d like to not also have to upgrade my supply line.

I am thinking about a 3/4" interior diameter poly breaded hose.

What size hose would everyone recommend I use from the buffer tank to the pressure washer?

If 3/4" interior diameter hose is fine now but not for a 8 gpm, then maybe I could run dual 3/4" supply lines?

Thanks for your help!

We run 1" with 8gpm…no problems

I use 1" goodyear spiraflex aggie hose with a 1" filter.

When you say 1 inch hose is that the outside or inside diameter?

Inside diameter.

2" inside - you can never have too much water supply