Buffer tank supplier?

Hey guys, just working out the details of my setup before I buy everything in a few weeks. Trying to find out where to buy buffer and chem tanks.

As others have recommended I think I will be going with something around 50 gallon for buffer to accompany a 5.5 gpm machine. Most houses around here have strong water flow. For the chem tank I’m thinking probably 10 or 15 gallons would be appropriate? Going to be doing mostly residential, no more than 2 or 3 houses a day.

I also have access to a plastic welding setup and feel confident that I could make tanks that would be custom for the bed of my truck. Anyone ever done this or see anything (other than it failing obviously) that wouldn’t make this viable?

I got my tanks from Tractor Supply Co. I bought a 65gal buffer and 10gal for chems. Works well on my 4X6 trailer with my 5gpm bled drive unit. I would say though, if you plan to travel to the work full of water you need to make sure you get an appropriate trailer size. I never roll full of water and only use the buffer when absolutely necessary.

Thanks, I checked out the ones they have for sale. I’m trying to keep everything contained in the bed of the truck at the moment. Have to check what pricing is for plastic sheets to see if it would be more economical to build them rather than buy, but I imagine with the time it would take to make them (probably a day or so) that it makes more sense to just purchase them.

It sounds like you’re just starting out as am I. I’m also keeping everything in my truck bed. I have decided to just draw chemicals out of 5 gallon buckets until I see it necessary to buy a tank. As for the buffer tank from what I’ve learned you should be fine with a 35 or 50 gallon. I’m using a 4 GPM pw so I’m not using a buffer tank.

Something else to consider, is that tanks can be repurposed, if they’re clean, and you can support them properly (some tanks will require a ‘cage’ built around them to prevent collapsing/bulging).

Things like fuel transfer tanks, waste or clean water RV tanks, etc. are all possibilities, especially if you are comfortable with some plastic welding. But scratch building a tank will be a lot of work.

I use a 55 gallon open top (with clamping lid) drum for a buffer tank. It was cheap, like $30 or so on craigslist. I never tow with more than 15 or 20 gallons in it, though.

I didn’t even think about RV tanks, that’s not a bad idea. I’m a welder/fabricator so I can make any frames and supports needed.

A 5 gallon bucket for your chem tank is anout perfect. It allows younto customize your mix for the job you’re working on at the time. That’s what we use and it’s ideal for us. Ours has a screw on lid so if we don’t use it all then we can save it for the next job.

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