Buffer tank or no?

Hey y’all I’m getting a new 5.5gpm machine but I’m buying a used portable belt drive 4GPM of Facebook for a backup in case anything happens (I got a good deal for it) When or if i use the 4GPM Would you guys suggest to use it with a buffer tank Or could I hook that right up to the spigot? I tested my GPM out of my spigot and it filled up a 5 gallon bucket in 40 seconds. Some spigots may differ depending on well water, if someone uses the shower, etc but I was just curious If I would be okay to hook it right up to the spigot or not. Thank you!

I have a 4 gpm that I still wheel around the customers yards. I have had only 2 times where water flow wasn’t enough from the spicket and I had to let go of the trigger after about 7 seconds of spraying so the pressure could build back up.

So to answer your question, you will be fine 95% of the time without one. But you definitely can have a tank if you want it And build yourself a decent setup.

Do you have a belt drive? I read something that belt drives need a buffer tank regardless of GPM? Could be completely wrong but i was seeing what you guys think. thanks man!

Nope , Direct drives won’t pull enough out of a buffer tank unless gravity fed, Pita, So you stuck to a spigot and they get hot quickly. belt drives or gear drive’s can draw there own water from a buffer and a spigot, pool,pond,lake etc… That being said use a 4gpm or lower at the spigot. Using 5.5 gpm or higher at the spigot and your not gonna get enough water outta many spigots and starve your nice pump from water.

Okay thank you. I’m getting a 5.5 and running that from a buffer tank but I’m getting a 4GPM belt drive as a spare/backup machine in case something happens . Do you think the 4GPM belt driven machine could be used on a spigot alone?

Absolutely, Hook your 4gpm to a different spigot off the house if possible if your also trying to fill your buffer to supply the 5.5 the 4gpm will steal 4gpm of the spigots out put. So split them up. But some homes put out 8 or better so I’ve heard. Just watch your buffer water when running both is my suggestion.

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Cool thanks brother!

Im not a house washer, So I really don’t know how much water y’all use on an average house, most ppl show up half full and fill at jobsite. Ask @marinegrunt on the average water consumption, But I’m positive you’ll be fine hooking you 4gpm to a spigot, I used to do it all the time when we first started with only one machine. 2,3 machines at one time gets a lil trickier with the water. But we burn through 600 gallons an hr these days…

…and blow twice as much hot air!! Hahahaahs

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See the Covid didn’t get you in the nursing home yet you ole coot. Stubborn as a damn mule ain’t ya Coop. :joy:

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I ain’t stubborn, I just make up my mind real fast and take a long time to change it ;>)


Well, sorta.

My 390 and Cat pump was buffer fed provided I had a full tank. It made weird noises doing so but still worked. I think it had a mild cavitation in the pump.

If you’re unsure about house water flow for the 4 GPM (wells etc.) take a 5 gal bucket and fill from the spigot, fills in a minute and you have plenty with a little to spare.

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