One step ahead! I’ll let you know if it works!

I have an area there i have 1950 homes that are all needing a service. Either they have roof stains or algae. I hung 98 hangers myself yesterday and I have a couple young men going to come up and blast this area with me soon.

I added this to my hangers a week ago for a “family feel”


I like where you’re going but youtube lawn care millionaire door hanger templates. He’s a very earnest and soft spoken guy, but in his own way totally destroys templated marketing material.

Or what until after you hang them. I don’t want to make you feel bad for already spending the money. Lol.

I was planning on doing a few thing in this town.

Door hangers
Housewash signs all over town
Facebook marketing and target that town alone

I am thinking with the 3 I may be able to pull a bunch of jobs. I also have another trick up my sleeve and that’s I know where they all work. About 80% of them anyways. I can offer a 10% discount to all folks employed by said company.

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On a side note I haven’t ordered them yet…

I’m thinking about running a giveaway.

Win a YETI cooler (or some other popular brand)

Have a raffle ticket attached to the door hanger.

Instructions would say

Mail this ticket to us for 1 chance to be entered in our cooler giveaway. Call us and book our services and be receive 10 additional chances to win.

I could market the crap out of a $300 cooler!

I could then keep all the addresses of folks that mail
Me tickets and send them coupons in the future!

Make sure you know the legality of that. There’s a reason why you always hear “no purchase necessary” on a commercial.

I don’t know how I could get in trouble? As long as I was honest drawing the number! You just have a better chance if you get 10 extra tickets!

Can’t run a raffle unless you are a non profit.

You could do a random giveaway for Facebook likes or shares

I have heard those seldom work. People end up liking your page but they are just there for another sweepstake. :-1: need to find a way around it!

I do door hangers when I do a job in the neighbor hood. i. put out about 10 15 on the street… always get 1 or 2 got 4 one time… others see you there they want in … Couple of time dd not get NARN…

I just meant that it was legal