Brick Funk

How hot of a mix should I start with? I use 10.5% SH and a 12V.
I just don’t think DS would would be strong enough.

I’d start with 3 to 4%. It might take a couple applications and a little bit of pressure. Be sure to keep the grass wet.


I see this a lot on lower brick in the Houston area. I can hit it with house wash and use some pressure and a little time to remove the stuff or hit it with 3% and watch it disappear with very little pressure and a faster pass across it. Since I’m washing the whole house I use HW mix and put a little more time and effort into those smaller areas of growth on the lower brick.

Turbo and ten minutes of your time

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Went with 3%, 3 min dwell, just a bit of pressure, and all good.
Scored a huge job after my test spot was approved.
Thank you folks for the input.