Brick fence and shrubbery...glad to be done

Had fun…620ft of this nasty brick fence. Actually, the before picture is, by far, the cleanest part of the fence. It went well, wish I had another piece like that to do tomorrow. BTW, the shrubbery is on the inside of the fence. This fence was part of the total job…did the whole “compound”…3 houses, driveways, walks and cool deck around the pool. I just put the fence off until last…knew that it would be a problem…and this stupid heat and humidity doesn’t help.



Nice! Great results, what was your process?

Xjet full strength and turbo nozzle The bleach helps, I guess, but you have to blast that crap off.

@Jake_Lambert… Thanks…Xjet full strength and turbo nozzle

Can you take some close up photos. What type of brick was it? Ot looks great. I do alot of brick cleaning just curious

Looks great Jim! Nice work!

Was it tedious getting inside the little square holes to get the ends and tops and bottoms of the bricks?

@Firefighter4hire…job is in another town and I am through there. I have no idea, but they were not smooth.

@marinegrunt…Thanks…and yes…it was a PITA getting in the holes.

Most of the fence looked like this picture…NASTY!


Come on man… this is a professional forum.

Outcome does look good though, very interesting fence.

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Yes…this is a professional forum and professionals use the phrase…PITA.


LOL I think he was making a joke about PITA and “getting in the holes”.


OK…that was over my head…thanks.


I laughed, I thought it was a great joke…even if you didn’t mean it like that.


It was a funny joke. I laughed

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I am so conditioned to not expect that type of humor on here I completely missed it too…lol