Bought my first pressure washer

So I found a GX340 on craigslist for $200 and decided to check it out.

When I got to the sellers house he started it up for me and I did a bucket test. It seemed to hit 4 GPM easy (there was a lot of pressure so it wasnt an exact test). I noticed some leaking coming from the water pump, but I couldnt tell if it was from the actual pump or maybe an old o-ring or maybe the garden hose wasnt tighten on fully. Either way, for $200 i feel like it wasnt too much of a risk to purchase it and make it work until i can upgrade.

From what I have read on here, the gx390’s are recommended, but i figure gx340 was going to be pretty close. I dont know what kind of water pump i have but im sure its crap.

I plan on buying a new hose and gun, then a surface cleaner. Once I am up and running ill start the practice phase and start cleaning my friends and family’s property. I also downloaded the gx340 user manual and wilk study it closely.

I dunno, but im excited. What do you guys think? Any recommendations?


Nice find. I think you’ll be able to wash a good amount of houses with that before you need to upgrade.

The pump is not half bad for a direct drive. Hopefully the leak you noticed was something innocuous.

Not bad for $200. :+1:

That looks like a pretty old engine. As long as it makes enough money to buy a reliable unit it’s a win win . Just don’t delay. Make it priority one

If I may offer a piece of advice from one novice to another, let the water run out the spray gun for at least 1-2 minutes to be sure all the air gets purged from the lines. I thought my Cat pump was acting up as it wouldn’t put out any pressure on occasion, found out there was still air in the hoses, causing it to cavitate.

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I agree it looks pretty old and best. GP pumps are good pumps but you have no idea if it was taken care of. Great PW to learn on. The pump is rated for 4.5gpm and 2500 psi… the gx340 doesn’t have the hp to support those numbers but even at 4gpm you’ll be able to wash a house effectively.

A good thing to always check is the pump oil. If milky in color, you have water in the crankcase, probably bad seals. GP pumps are great pumps. Will easily outlast the engine if properly maintained.

Fake news lol.


It’s an old model, for sure. I’d say 15 years, maybe more. $200 is a good price though, if the pump is good.

You’d have to go small if you want to use a surface cleaner though, something to think about.

I can’t see that pumping 4GPM either…

Here’s a link to the “S” model, which looks the same :+1:t2:

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I dont care what anyone says $200 for a 4gpm and not a $300 rental is a good start. Dont buy a surface cleaner of spend to much on alot of house get a gun and 100 foot of good hose and wash about 8 houses and buy a better unit. THEN buy surface cleaner more hose and all that. Just keep this one on the truck as a back until you get all setup.